Board Of Directors

Danielle Deyo President
Tootsa (Sue) Byam Vice President
Janell George Secretary
Sharon Mullen Treasurer
Carter Brown Open Vegetables & Flowers
Laurie Huber Concessions
Julie Edmond Entertainment coordinator
Jolee Chase 4-H Rep
Arlene Dodge Grange Rep
Emily Howarth Sponsors  547-6608
Warren Howarth Sponsors  547-6608
Garth Witty 4-H Barn set-up
Bill Helstein Front Gate  673-8534
Wayne Meattey
Paul Nett
Kim Steele
Emily Bailey
Skip Cilley  Maple & Honey Exhibits  547-6612
Jim Belanger Database Manager
Craig Allison Youth Director
Scottie Steele Youth Director

We are always looking for people willing to help! If you would like information on Volunteering for the fair please contact anyone on the board of directors.