Board Of Directors

Wayne Meatty President 391-7821
Paul Nett Vice President 487-5208
Janell George Secretary 641-6060
Sharon Mullen Treasurer 487-2930
Suzan Kulick Entertainment
Danielle Deyo Concessionaires & Website 765-2766
Jolee Chase 4-H Information 641-6060
Danielle Deyo Concessionaires & Website 765-2766
Arlene Dodge Grange 487-2484
Bill Helstein Gate 673-8534 769-0812
Emily and Warren Howarth Sponsors 547-6608
Associate Directors      
Emily Baily 748-2626
Tootsa Byam 325-1569
Garth Witty 673-6925
 Skip Cilley  547-6612
Honorary Director      
Jim Belanger
Jr. Directors    
Foundation Representative      
Michael Chase 673-5280

We are always looking for people willing to help! If you would like information on Volunteering for the fair please contact anyone on the board of directors.